The out going Guild President (second left) and incoming Guild President (Fourth Right) HE MugabiYese in a group photo with the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs Professor Anguma Simon Katrini (Third Left) and the Dean of Students Madam Amamdru Stella in a group Photo.

The 5th set of university guild were on Friday 12th April 2019 inaugurated in an extremely colourful ceremony.

The past three weeks have been filled with rigorous campaigns that commenced on 25thMarch 2019 and on Saturday 6th April 2019, elections were held where Mugabi Yese a year 2 student of Information Systems Management (ISM) was elected the Guild President beating his opponent with a narrow margin. Mugabi received 165 while his opponent Kaweesa Vincent, a year three Student of Nursing Sciences had 160 votes.

The newly elected Guild Members were sworn in by the University Legal Officer and Commissioner of Oaths Mr.Samuel Ondoma after which they took oath of allegiance and oath of secrecy and were handed office by the previous Guild officials.

The Guild President H.E Mugabi thanked the Students for their support and promised to deliver to their expectation,he also thanked his opponent for giving him quite a challenge.

He called for unity among Students, respect and tolerance irrespective of whether they voted for or against the person serving them. He also called upon all the elected Councillors and appointed Ministers to work together to leave a great legacy as the fifth guild.

“I pray that He who gave us the opportunity to take the powers and lead this mighty growing university to the furthest great heights blesses us with Knowledge, bravery and life to lead Muni university with a purpose.We all have one goal and one passion of securing the future of our predecessors, ourselves and our successors.  We should all put our political differences aside, think globally and act locally for the development of Muni University. There is nothing for us without us, in all we do, the Ready, Able and Willing Mugabi Yese is with you, for you and for the transformation of lives”.He said

Hon.Sabo Kamilo, Chair of the Students Affairs Committee of the Council who was the Chief Guest at the ceremony thanked the Electoral Commission for being transparent, and the four previous governments for the good representations on the international forums and advised the incoming government to scan through the last four years and pick some leaf urging them to uphold team work as better performance.

He said the Guild Government is key in the management of an institution, it’s an important structure in the university and they play a very critical role.He promised to bring to attention to management the challenges presented by the outgoing guild to see how they can be addressed.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs Prof. Anguma Simon Katrini thanked the Electoral Commission (EC) saying they have done a wonderful job stressing that he saw maturityand confidence with the EC and have delivered.

He said the leadership of the outgoing Guild was characterised by tranquillity,maturity, consultativeness,they upheld the culture that has been put in place by predecessors revealing that management was very happy about this leadership, as their contributions were very sufficient in Council and Senate.

“Let us exercise some patience where we are facing some challenges. Muni University Students are orderly, disciplined, people have got a very positive attitude and don’t spoil it.A leader is a person who knows the way, goes the way and follows the way. You must have futuristic vision;such a leader knows how to turn his ideas in to success stories. I employ your Excellency to embrace integrity and honesty”. He concluded.

HE: Mugabe Yese is deputised by Aito Hope Suzan of year 2 Bachelor of Science in Education-Physical.

Certificates of service and gifts were given to the outgoing Guild.

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