A two-day development and evaluation training workshop in corporate Governance for the Council and Management of Muni University was carried out at the Desert Breeze Hotel.

The workshop was aimed at promoting Common understanding of roles and responsibilities, Enhancing council and staff energy and providing architecture on Council improvement.

A team of Facilitators from Institute of Corporate Governance Uganda (ICGU) that included; Dr. Fabiano Okware (Consultant), Mr.JosephMatovu (Consultant), Mr.Grace Ndyareeba (Consultant) provided training in;

  • Foundation of corporate Governance and meeting expectation.
  • Council organs and effectiveness
  • Strategy implementation and Leadership
  • Ethics, conflict of interest and management of key stakeholders
  • Chairing meetings
  • Council evaluation.

The University Secretary/ Accounting Officer Rev. Fr.Dr. Odubuker Picho Epiphany while giving remarks cautioned the participants to make decisions in accordance with the Law.

He distributed copies of the Universities and Other Tertiaries Act, the Employment Act, Public and Finance Management Act 2015 as amended as well as a copy of the Constitution so that members abreast themselves with the relevant laws.

He said it is in the interest of Management to make the University governance more competent so that the Institutions discharge their duties competently.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor Prof. Anguma Simon Katrini thanked the facilitators for their time and good facilitation

“We have been exposed to a number of issues that affect Council business the most being ethics, the two days have affected us positively, the value added to us will take the University to another level.” He said.

He thanked the Members of Council for fully participating in the training fortwo days.

The Vice Chair Muni University Council Mr. Habib Tibrichu Amin,extended sincere gratitude to the trainers for the training during which he said they exhibited excellent skills and experience that has challenged the Management.

He Invited the participants to the West Nile Investment Symposium which he said is running on the 8th and 9th of August 2019 at Muni university.

The training that was conducted on Thursday 18th to Friday 19th July 2019 at the Desert Breeze Hotel was a unique one that involved both the Council of Muni University and that of the neighbouring National Teachers College Muni (NTCM) a move that was highly appreciated by Miss Daisy Alibaru the Deputy Principle of NTCM.

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