It was all excitement at Muni University on Friday, April 12, 2019, as the Ugandan invented Kiira EVS car was driven to the university and showcased in a bid to inspire the Students and challenge them to establish and promote world class innovations.

Professor Anguma Simon Katrini, the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic Affairs) welcomed Professor Eng. Tikodri Toboaand his team to Muni University and congratulated the team upon the success of KiiraEV project. He underscored the fact that the Kiira EVSMACK is a product of intellectual activity, accumulated wisdom, and ingenuity which has seen this product in active propulsion.

“We are happy and proud that the brain behind this important assemblage is a Ugandan, coming from Arua District, and Odulu’ba village (where Professor Tikodri comes from).He urged students to be challenged by the presence of the KIIRA EVS amidst them and innovate spare parts(bolts for the wheels) forvehicle.
He applauded Professor Eng. Tikodri Toboaa member of Council of Muni University and Chairsthe Estates and Works Committee of Council. He added that Prof. Tikodri Togboa is partly responsible for the magnificent infrastructure development at Muni University and we shall remain indebted to him for his invaluable contribution to the university in this respect.

In his remarks, Prof. Togboagave a background to how he conceived the idea of the great innovation which according to him was birthed at a workshop in the UK from where they acquired the capacity to conceptualise and build their own cars.
He said he was here to challenge the manner of delivery of education, he expects universities to change from teaching universities to innovation universities.

According to the Business Development Manager Allan Muhumuza, this is the third vehicle developed so far, the first being the Kiira EV, followed by the Kayola Solar Electric Bus and then the Kiira EVS.

He said the Government of Uganda has supported the project and has availed 100 acres of land in Jinja District to build and operate the Kiira Electric Vehicle Plant which he said will provide at least 2000 jobs and additional 12,000 casual work to the population.
“This project will promote National pride and showcase humble beginnings. it’s important that you keep your dream alive, this is an opportunity for Ugandans to see possibilities”.

He said the kiira EVS is partly powered by electricity and partly fuel. It will be showcased for 5 days in the West Nile and northern Uganda.

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