Adrianne White (Midlle with glasses),Professor Christine Dranzoa (Second Left),Dr.Bonaventure (Right) and the University Team

Muni University has received yet another Visiting Lecturer-Adrienne White, who will be Lecturing in the Nursing Science Department.

Adrienne White, is a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner from the United States and will be at the University till August 2020.

She was officially welcomed by the University Vice Chancellor, Professor Christine Dranzoa and a Team of University Staff on 21st January 2020.The Vice Chancellor expressed gratitude to Seed Global Health for all the resources they have injected in support of the university.

The Seed Global Team was led by Dr. Bonaventure Ahaisibwe, The Country Director Seed Global Health. He said they were honoured to have been welcomed to Muni University and is pleased with the partnership. According to Dr. Bonaventure, everyone deserves to live their full potential and if there’s access to health care then a lot needs to be done as partners to address the bottlenecks.

Muni University has been in partnership with Seed Global Health since the Nursing program started and they have provided a lot of support to the University including promoting human resource capacity right from curriculum development, planning and implementation, as well as building staff capacity to write grants that have yielded positive results.

Also present was the Director Arua Regional Referral Hospital (ARRH), Dr. Nyeko John Filbert who urged Muni University to produce more Doctors especially at Post Graduate levels more than Undergraduate ones because very few Doctors in the region qualify to instruct Students at the University.

He revealed that there are only 11 Doctors as opposed to the 41 required for ARRH hence there’s a challenge for Muni University to work towards bridging this gap.

He said there’s need to inject more time and resources to training as well as cross check quality assurance explaining that lack of proper training leads to mistakes that cost human lives.He made emphasis on the need to upgrade to match the Global Health Standards and Technological Development.

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