Prof. Christine Dranzoa,Vice Chancellor Muni University making opening remarks during the Inception meeting

Muni University was awarded funding under Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU)/ Skills Development Fund (SDF) to develop Curricula for Competency-Based Education and skills training program in basic and specialised Welding under PSFU window 3 project No. W3/01/112/2017.

The project is implemented in collaboration with University of Genova in Italy and Italian Institute of Welding (IIW).

The project aims to develop holistic integrated Competence-Based Education (CBE) and skills training program in Basic and specialised Welding with a clear growth pathway from certificate level to the highest qualification.

Muni University’s proposed program in CBE and skills training in basic and Specialised Welding is being developed in response to the discovery of oil and gas in Uganda which requires a highly qualified and specialised labour force for jobs in pipeline construction and maintenance.

The current pool of welders lack the necessary skills required for specialised and advanced welding jobs hence are not qualified and well suited to the high quality requirements for the oil and gas industry and other related industries like heavy construction and automobile industries. The University therefore aims to fill this gap by training qualified highly specialised welders.

A stakeholders meeting was held on 17th June 2019 to present and discuss the Project overview.

The Vice Chancellor Muni university Professor Christine Dranzao,appreciated the PSFU that made it possible for the University to build capacity at formal and highest level.

She thanked the Dean Faculty of Techno science Dr. Andogah Geoffrey, the Director Research Dr. Alfred Alumai and the University  Council Members  that shaped the proposal which was done in partnership with University of Genoa.

“This is a very important subject area for our people and we are grateful to the team that put this project together. We want to train Welders, people who can do things professionally. This program is going to help Uganda a lot, everyone is interested at attaining high level of education”.

She said Welding and engineering is the thing to go for because of the oil and gas industry, with a good curriculum, good instructors and practical skilling, we should have set the pace adding, the University is trying to partner with DUELA (which is a network of over 13 companies in Germany which deal with trainings) in technical skills so that the skilled man power that emerges from Muni will never be contested.
Professor thanked the stakeholders for accepting to stand with Muni University to achieve this objective.

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